How we use your information

  • We collect and hold data about you for the purpose of providing safe and effective healthcare.
  • Your information may be shared with our partner organisations to Audit services and help provide you with better care. 

  • eConsults may be sent to cross orgainsational healthcare providers. 
  • Information sharing is subject to strict agreements on how it is used.

  • We will only share your information outside of our partner organisations with your consent*

  • If you are happy with how we use your information you do not need to do anything.

  • If you do not want your information to be used for any purpose beyond providing your care please let us know so we can code your record appropriately.

  • You can object to sharing information with other health care providers but if this limits your treatment options we will tell you.

  • Our guiding principle is that we are holding your information in the strictest confidence.

  • For more information about who are our partner organisations and how your data is used please see the privacy notice on our website or ask at reception.

    *Unless the health & safety of others is at risk, the law requires it or it is required to carry out a statutory function

For more information about our Privacy notice, click here: Privacy Notice 2022
For more information about your medical record, click here: Your Medical Record
For information on updates to our privacy notice related to COVID-19, click here: Supplementary Privacy Notice for Summary Care Records

Data Sharing with Pharmacies

During the pandemic (and beyond) all patients are being encouraged to use electronic prescriptions, and repeat prescribing (where relevant).  The box below explains how patient information is shared with pharmacies:

Prescriptions containing personal identifiable information and health data will be shared with chemists/pharmacies, in order to provide patients with essential medication or treatment as their health needs dictate.  This process is achieved either by face to face contact with the patient or electronically.  Where patients have specified a nominated pharmacy they may wish their repeat or acute prescriptions to be ordered and sent directly to the pharmacy making a more efficient process.  Arrangements can also be made with the pharmacy to deliver medication.
NB. Patients will be required to nominate a preferred pharmacy.

Subject Access Requests

In most cases we no longer charge for providing full or partial copies of your medical records. Certain situations may warrant a charge relative to the request; please ask our admin team for clarification.

National Data Opt-out

You can choose whether your confidential patient information is used for research and planning. 
Click below for more information, and how to opt out if you wish to:
NHS - Your Data Matters

Opt outs: further information 

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