General Information

Allocated GPs

All patients have a named/allocated GP. This is your usual doctor.  If you need to find out who this is, please ask at Reception.

Breast Feeding

Mothers who wish to breastfeed their babies while visiting the surgery may do so in privacy. Please ask at reception and a room will be made available.

Suspicious Phone Calls

We are hearing reports across the region of patients being contacted by telephone by callers stating "This is your surgery calling..." or similar. The caller then goes on to ask for confirmation of personal data - name, address, date of birth etc. before talking about the need for a health check and possibly arranging an appointment for this. These bogus callers are trying to extract enough information from you to be able to steal your identity.

It is always possible we might ring you for some reason but we will identify ourselves as Stubbington Surgery or Medical Practice and tell you who is calling and why. I know the telephone number will not display but if you have ANY reason to think it isn't really us, ask the caller for a piece of information from your record that only they could know or access. This could be the last date you came for an appointment, the name of a regular medication or something of that kind. Or ask if you can call us back and the name of the person you should ask for.



There is one parking space for disabled drivers at the surgery at the front of the building. Other drivers should use one of the three local car parks.

Please do not leave vehicles parked outside the surgery! Access to the residence in Park Lane is required at all times and ambulances must be able to get to the rear of the building.

NHS Hearing Aid Batteries

Batteries for NHS hearing aid users are available at Gosport War Memorial Hospital free of charge. If you are an NHS hearing aid user you will have been issued with a battery record book which has details of your hearing aid and the type of batteries which it uses. Please bring this book with you when collecting your batteries. If you have bought your hearing aid privately you are unable to get hearing aid batteries from Gosport War Memorial Hospital. Please call 02392 286289 if you require need the hearing aid batteries posted. 

Stubbington and Hill Head Voluntary Care Group 

The Stubbington and Hill Head Voluntary Care group is part of the Good Neighbours Network which is a collection of over 120 local groups run by local people for local people all offering a helping hand to others in their community. The groups provide both practical help, with tasks and emotional help though befriending schemes and an expanding range of social activities. Each group is unique and operates autonomously. Many offer much needed transport to medical appointments or a hand with the shopping. All of the groups aim to reach out to isolated people and deliver what is needed in their community. You  can contact the group by calling 0783 233 0308 or by visiting their website.

Good Neighbours Network

Private Services

Some services are available privately at the surgery, ie driving medicals and insurance reports. When asking doctors to complete forms or produce letters on your behalf, please bear in mind that these may attract a fee. Details of our fee scale are available here, or from Reception.

Freedom Of Information Act

Information about the General Practitioners and the practice required for disclosure under the act can be made available to the public. All requests for such information should be made to the practice manager.

Click here to download. Copies are also available upon request from the practice manager.

Other Organisations

Each waiting room has an information folder containing details of charities, caring organisations, support groups etc. Details of many are available from reception.

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Family Ceremonies
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